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Clarence Vigarié

Clarence Vigarié, founder and CEO of Aeolia


Aeolia was born out of my desire to put my experience in the field of wind energy, and more broadly renewable energy, at the service of all market players. Project owners, communities, investors, lenders...

In the field of wind energy since 2007, I have acquired solid and recognized technical experience. Listening to my clients, I will be able to accompany you in your technical expertise needs, whatever the stage of your projects.

What Aeolia can do for you

Various services

  • Project finance technical due diligence

  • M&A due diligence

  • Vendor's due diligence

  • Technical advisory services

  • Assistance to contracting

  • Construction monitoring

For renewable energy projects

  • Onshore wind projects

  • Offshore wind projects

  • Ground mounted solar projects

  • For one single project or a portfolio of projects

Whatever their stage of advancement

  • Development

  • Pre-construction

  • Construction

  • Operation

  • Dismantling

  • Repowering

Some key figures

After 14 years of experience in wind energy, including almost 10 years in technical due diligence and technical advisory services, I have a recognized experience in the field of renewable energy. I have conducted technical due diligence or advisory services on more than 300 wind or solar projects, either independently of each other or in portfolios (30 portfolios already reviewed). In total, I had the opportunity to work in one way or another out of more than 10 GW of installed renewable energy projects.

Experience in France and internationally, and on projects equipped by most turbine's manufacturers

I worked on projects in France, but aso in the Nordic countries, Hungary, Ireland, United Kingdom, Morocco, Poland, Mexico, United States, Chile...

Wind projects I worked on were equipped with various turbines models from most of the current turbines' manufacturers.

Clarence Vigarié - Aeolia Audit et Conseil

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